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Downtown Excelsior Partnership (DEP) was formed in 2006 by local businesses, individuals and downtown building owners to create a vibrant downtown Excelsior Springs. With hard work, planning and many volunteers DEP has grown into an organization providing a grassroots effort to revitalize our downtown. Together we have worked hard to shape the future of Excelsior Springs and develop our downtown as a dynamic place to live, work, shop, dine and stay.

DEP supports the revitalization framework of the National Trust Main Street Program. The program operates using four committees, providing the keys to successfully preserving and revitalizing a historic downtown. These four committees provide that framework:

Organization - provides guidance and direction on fundraising, volunteers and operations.

Design - Enhances the visual appearance of downtown through the arts, building rehabilitation, landscaping and streetscaping.

Promotion - Markets downtown via events and advertising to attract customers, visitors, residents, businesses and potential investors.

Economic Restructuring - Analyzes and plans for appropriate mixed-use development as a way of creating new opportunities and strengthening the economic base of downtown.

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The Downtown Excelsior Partnership, a privately funded nonprofit organization, works to create a vibrant historic downtown in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.

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